Thank You from Dr Ying

Thank You from Dr Ying

Dr. Ying, who travels internationally, has brought a few of the Mer’s Belly Bears along her travels.

Here is a note from her –

“So I finally met up with my  Cameroonian General Surgeon colleague for the burn training mission last month, and delivered a suitcase of the ostomy bears for his patients.

He sent me a photos of a baby to whom he gave one of the bears to.  This photo doesn’t show the baby’s face, so if you can share it with the Ostomy Bear donors that would be much appreciated. The bears are being shared with pediatric ostomy patients in Yaounde, Cameroon.  Certainly new teddy bears are not widely available to some of these families, so special bear that is like them would be very special.”

The thank you is MOST definitely from us. We don’t always get to pass on photos, but your message is a good reminder of how important it is to share donor impact.

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