$7.4 M


The Wise Family Foundation is a loyal supporter of Autism Speaks Canada (ASC). Since 2007, they have donated $3.1M to enhance lives today and build a spectrum of solutions for autistic individuals and their families. In addition, the Wise Family Foundation has donated another $5.5M through a collaboration between Autism Speak Canada & Autism Speaks US and SickKids Foundation to specifically support the work of Dr. Stephen Scherer at The Hospital for Sick Children. Both Susan Zikman Wise and Steven Wise have committed their time to passionately advocate and support the highest needs of the organization as Board Directors. Susan is also an integral part of Autism Speaks Canada Family Services Community Grants committee which provides autistic individuals and families access to services to improve their quality of life. She has overseen the distribution of over $5 million to autism-focused organizations across Canada.

Next Phase of MSSNG

Wise Family Foundation has made a $3.5M commitment to support the Autism Speaks science program. This commitment will specifically support the $12M+ expansion of the MSSNG platform to include not only genomic whole sequenced data but also innovative biological and clinical measurements from autistic individuals and their families.

This expanded effort will advance our ability to:

  • increase early detection of autism risk through whole genome sequencing as part of first-line medical evaluation for autism
  • identify autism sub-groups using specific biological processes and corresponding clinical and behavioral measurements to derive these multiple autisms
  • inform autism treatment protocols where a person’s personal genomic and biological data may indicate a recommended adjustment to their healthcare regime.

This expansion of the MSSNG platform; seeks to bring an unprecedented level of research expertise together to understand the complex causes of autism and identify potential treatments that change the life trajectory of people born with autism.


MSSNG is a groundbreaking collaboration between Autism Speaks, Autism Speaks Canada, Google and the research community to create the world’s largest genomic database on autism. MSSNG’s goal is to provide the best resources to enable the identification of many subtypes of autism, which may lead to better diagnostics, as well more personalized, accurate treatments. The Wise Family Foundation is a leader in empowering scientific research. In 2014, the Wise Family Foundation was one of the first Canadian foundations to commit $2M to this project.

Autism Speaks Canada Strategic Targeted Initiative Grant for ISAND

ISAND is a non-profit organization with an integrated team of developmental pediatricians, psychologists, clinicians, and therapists. The team works together with families to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Through Autism Speaks Canada, Wise Family Foundation granted $400,000 to ISAND in 2014. They helped build ISAND’s operation and administrative infrastructure by supporting missioncritical expenses such as technology, increased lease expenses, assessment tools and protocols, therapeutic program supplies and essential external professional services.