Therapeutic Riding Centre, Recreation Centre in Bnei Netzarim, A Day in the Forest






A Therapeutic Riding Centre for Youth at Risk

The Zoharim Agricultural-Educational Youth Village provides a safe and stable environment for over 100 at-risk boys who are often estranged from their families, drug addicted and living on the streets.  Therapeutic riding is recognized as a treatment modality that allows for the healing of emotional scars and the development of new skills for productive social interaction, improved academic performance and functioning.   


A Recreation Centre for Youth in Bnei Netzarim 

Bnei Netzarim is located in a remote location on the border with Egypt and close to Gaza.  Families now from Tel Aviv and other urban areas are beginning to move to this community. These young families needed a safe and enjoyable centre for their children. The Wise Family Foundation’s  generous support helped to build a youth centre to ensure that this community continues to thrive and grow. 


A Day in the Forest for Children with Special Needs 

A Day in The Forest is an outreach program that has been developed for diverse special needs populations, including students from special education frameworks, children affected by terror attacks, children living with cancer and other groups. With the generous support from the Wise Family Foundation, these children are given the opportunity to use all their senses to experience and learn about the environment that surrounds them.


Social Services Complex at the Israel Tennis Centre

The Israel Tennis Centre focuses on enhancing children’s self esteem and well-being through sport, a model more recently popularized outside of Israel by the global “Right to Play” organization.  ITC programs include co-existence between Israel’s Jewish and Arab populations, Ethiopian integration, programs for the physically & developmentally disabled, and youth-at-risk. 


The Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Educational Centre

The Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Visitor and Education Centre stands ready to become one of Israel’s most popular tourist attractions. 

The Hula Valley is situated along the Syrian-African Rift Valley, which marks the halfway migration point for numerous species that make the arduous journey between Africa and Europe. The valley acts as a temporary home to some 500 million birds each year, and experts project that avitourism (environmental travel and tourism for birdwatchers) will become one of the most lucrative components of Israel’s growing multibillion-dollar tourism industry.