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There are times when our health may give us a scare,
That is why we have Mer’s Belly Bear.
With a smile on its face and a pocket on its back,
There’s a space for our feelings – to pack and unpack.
 If it is good or bad, happy or sad,
Write it down, put it in the bag.
What you are going through – I’ve been there too.
There is a whole team, and Mer’s Belly Bear here for you.
When the journey gets hard and you feel you can’t go longer,
Just remember that it will only make you stronger.
Be patient with yourself, your healing will take time,
I promise you – your scars will only make you shine.
You are never alone, and with time you will see,
Sharing your feelings will always set you free.
I was there in a hospital bed too,
And my belly bear is my hug to you.

To anyone, anywhere, dealing with gastrointestinal illness – we are here for you, and wish you all the best in your healthcare journey.