Wise Family Foundation Giving Back

Wise Family Foundation Giving Back

So proud to partner with these incredible organizations…

Autism Speaks, Autism Speaks Canada and SickKids Foundation

is proud to announce Wise Family Foundation’s $3.5M commitment to support Autism Speaks science programs. “In the last 15 years, Steven Wise and Susan Zikman Wise’s contributions to Autism Speaks Canada have been invaluable. They are an integral part of the growth and impact of this organization and we are deeply indebted to their generosity and leadership.” says Jill Farber, Executive Director, Autism Speaks Canada “This transformational gift to research will further lead the way to precision medicine and personalized healthcare, directly improving the lives of autistic Canada.” We thank them both for their unwavering commitment. Explore Wise Family Foundation’s transformational contribution to Autism Speaks, Autism Speaks Canada, SickKids and so many others by visiting their website: https://wisefamilyfoundation.org/

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